Whenever you upload a file on a web hosting server, it will need some storage space on the hard disk dependent on its particular size. When you run a script-driven website which keeps its data in a database, it will require more space, the more people use it. For instance, in the event that you have a discussion forum, the greater number of responses people write, the larger the database gets. Email messages, in particular ones having attachments, also require some disk space in the site hosting account. The disk space quota that you get with any shared hosting provider is the full amount of information you could have at any given moment, which includes website files, emails plus databases. Similarly, a PC has a hard drive and the software programs installed on it along with all docs or music files that you generate or download require some disk space, which can't exceed the full capacity of your hard drive.

Disk Space in Shared Hosting

In order to suit the processing power behind our cloud website hosting packages, we have studied and implemented the best possible solution for the disk space - your account is not generated using just one server, but on a cluster system. For that reason, what we've designed is a large cluster of servers that is dedicated to the file storage only, hence you should never concern yourself with running out of hard disk space and having to move to a new server because your existing one cannot accommodate more info. If an additional space is needed, all we need to do is attach extra machines to the cluster, so the disk space is unlimited. Needless to say, our Linux shared hosting are designed to be used for sites, not for an archive of big files. We have different machines for all the databases and the e-mails.

Disk Space in Dedicated Web Hosting

With the hdd storage space that we provide with all of our Linux dedicated web hosting, we guarantee that you can run any type of site whatever its overall size. You'll get a minimum of 500 GB storage space, that you're able to use the way you see fit - even for private file storage. As standard, you'll get 2 hard disks, that can be employed independent of each other, so as to make use of their total storage capacity, or they can be connected in RAID and one will be a duplicate the second one in real time to ensure that you'll not lose precious data in case of a hardware malfunction. You'll also be given the opportunity to put extra drives to increase the whole HDD space for your use even further. This allows you to create a file or image storage portal without a problem if you would like. Using the cPanel and DirectAdmin hosting Control Panels that we provide, you're able to make an individual account for each website that you host on the server and pre-set a quota for the disk space it will be allowed to use. If you pick the 3rd solution, our in-house Hepsia Control Panel, all of your domain names will be managed in one place and they'll share the whole server HDD space.